Earth is a 1:1000 Scale
Of the World in Minecraft.

Feauturing Economies, Nations, Towns, Vehicles, Auctions, Country Warps, Community, and fun
All in Vanilla Minecraft.

Released December 2019.

  • Currency
  • Community
  • Trade

When you Join
\\ Where to Start \\

When you join, you will start in Ethiopia in Africa. We have created a little spawn village with a 150 block safe zone. Here you can use the shops, warps, and meet friends!

Ways of

Walking and using boats are standard ways of transportation. We also have vehicles to travel places, but don't run out of fuel! Players may have also created tunnels or bridges. Teleportion is enabled.

// A way of Survival //

Create your own Town or join someone else's! Have Nations and become powerful through trading and peace.

[!] Earth Information [!]

The boxes below will provide information on your experience.

Want to know how to play and some useful information? Read these!

  • Server Updates

    Due to our current development work on Minecraft Grand Strategy, Earth Towny will only receive patches.

  • Uptime

    Server has a 100% Uptime.

  • Stability

    The server is strong and secure.

  • Protection

    Using Towny, you can have Towns and Nations. War is enabled, but griefing towns is not allowed!

Visit the Original Map Developer

We'd like to thank Mattias Brennecke for creating the original map that we use!